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Sample Of Criminal Cases The Law Offices of Peter F. Goldscheider Has Handled

People v. Olson

A vehicle hit-and-run case in which the client, whose vehicle was too damaged to drive, gave the defense that he could not promptly contact the police because he did not have a cellphone and it took several hours for him to walk home because of a previous knee operation. Despite the fact that when the police arrived at his house, he was under the influence of alcohol and pain medication, we were able to get the charges dismissed.

People v. Acosta

A case in which in our client, who had a felony record and who was on probation, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm based on a gun being found in an apartment he was alleged to have shared with a girlfriend. Because we were able to show that the police had no adequate grounds to search the apartment, the district attorney dismissed the case.

People v. Naranjo

A multiple murder case in which our client faced life in prison based on a bar shooting in which he claimed self-defense. Based on our uncovering information that the eyewitness, who claimed our client started the gunfight, had serious psychiatric problems, our client was allowed to plead to manslaughter with a relatively short sentence. The co-defendant, who was the person we claimed started the fight, went to trial, was convicted and received life in prison.

People v. Lal

A gang-related prosecution involving the so-called “Taliban” gang of East Palo Alto, of which our client was allegedly a member. Despite the fact that the local police gang expert testified at the preliminary hearing that our client was an active member of the gang, which would have been a “strike” under the California Three Strikes law, we were able to show that the charge was unsupported by the law and the evidence and to get the charge dismissed.

People v. Rodriguez

Despite the fact that our young client was recorded on audio and videotape selling and offering to sell relatively large amounts of controlled substances, thus facing a lengthy prison sentence, we were able to convince the sentencing judge to give him probation and the local sheriff’s work program so he did not even go to jail at all.

People v. Pitterman

A death penalty murder trial in which the client was accused by two accomplices of being the triggerman. Verdict: not guilty. To our knowledge the only acquittal in a death penalty murder in recent history in San Mateo County, California.

People v. Cuadra

A gang-related first-degree murder case in which there were multiple defendants. All convicted of murder except our client who was convicted after jury trial of voluntary manslaughter. His sentence: release after eight years as opposed to life in prison.

People v. Nebel

A vehicular manslaughter case in which the defendant drove the wrong way on Highway 101 for several miles, eventually causing a collision and killing another driver. Charges dismissed because we showed that he was suffering from a diabetic coma at the time through no fault of his own.

People v. Waitz

A misdemeanor assault case in which the defendant threw a rock at a group of people with whom he had an argument. Jury verdict: not guilty.

In re Costella

A petition for writ of habeas corpus after a jury conviction (tried by another attorney) for child molestation and an 18-year sentence. California Supreme Court ordered a hearing in the superior court to determine if the client received effective representation at his trial. The evidence adduced at that hearing permitted the client to challenge his conviction in the federal courts.

People v. Bovee

Client charged with felony child molestation, which upon conviction would require lifetime sex offender registration. Jury trial resulted in not guilty verdict on all felony counts and no sexual registration on remaining misdemeanor battery count.

People v. Johnson

Client charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Case dismissed after defense able to prove that the officer’s testimony at the preliminary hearing of having been shot at was inconsistent with the physical evidence.

People v. Baez

Our client was charged with several counts of felony assault which, if he were convicted, would have resulted in his deportation. By challenging the prosecution’s failure to prevent the deportation of a favorable witness, we were able to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor which allowed him to remain in this country.

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