Attorney Peter Goldscheider defends individuals charged with state or federal crimes. He also does appellate work.

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Aggressive DUI Defense When You Are Charged With Drunk Driving

Drinking and driving charges must be taken seriously. Attorney Peter Goldscheider of the Law Offices of Peter F. Goldscheider has defended people in the Palo Alto area against driving under the influence (DUI) charges since 1978.

Mr. Goldscheider is a determined and aggressive defense lawyer who personally helps his clients fight to keep their driver’s license, stay out of jail and clear their record.

Excellent Defense Against Any DUI Charge

The firm defends people against the full range of state and federal DUI-related charges, including:

  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Car accidents involving DUI
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Other traffic offenses

Mr. Goldscheider helps people who have never been arrested for anything before and clients with several DUI arrests on their record. He believes everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense whenever they are charged with a crime.

He knows when it is possible to challenge the validity of a breath test, blood test or field sobriety test. DUI testing is not infallible, and neither are the police officers that administer these tests.

The Need For High-Quality DUI Defense

Even a relatively short jail sentence can disrupt your ability to earn an income, your ability to drive and your public reputation. At the felony level, a conviction can result in a long prison term and heavy fines, and you may permanently lose your driver’s license.

You need a highly capable defense attorney representing you. Peter Goldscheider is one of the most respected defense lawyers in the area. He is a certified criminal law specialist with the California Bar Association and has been selected for inclusion in the California Super Lawyers list every year since 2007. He will give you the best possible chance of reducing or dismissing the charges against you. He also handles post-conviction matters like driver’s license reinstatement.

Call 650-323-8296 or schedule a free consultation today for skilled DUI defense for your case.